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EVCO Supermarket relocated to Hulhumale’

EVCO Supermarket opens its doors after relocation to Hulhumale’

EVCO has been relocated from Male’ to Hulhumale’ and opened it doors to customers on the 17th February 2022.

Established during October 2020, EVCO is a Super Market located in Hulhumale city which offers customers high quality convenience products for everyday needs. Our goal is to enhance the customer shopping experience by offering the best convenience services at affordable prices. Located at Ocean Front Residence, our outlet offers a wide selection product for everyday need. We are solely committed to uphold our core values of Integrity and Excellence by offering flexibility and quality to our customers at the most affordable prices.

EVCO Supermarket is located at:
Rainbow Central Mall
Fithronu Magu, Hulhumale
T: 334 0434