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Rainbow Enterprises

We aim to offer quality.

We constantly look for new and outstanding products to bring to you. Our online shop also allows you to purchase them from anywhere in Maldives.

Our story

Over the past years Rainbow enterprises has branched out into various related businesses by forming new companies of its own as well as joint partnerships.


You can choose and purchase your preferred products from anywhere in Maldives conveniently.


Home Furniture


Building Materials


Office Furniture


Living Design

Would you like to join our team?

You can find a list of open opportunities that we’ve here.


Quality furniture and building Materials anywhere in Maldives.

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Head Office

Sale and marketing of properties in the Maldives since 2011.

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Our Outlets

Rainbow Enterprises owns various outlets for selling the range of products dealt by them and also sells its products to the outer islands with a distribution network.

— Subsidiaries

Latest News

Find the latest trends about our projects, services and products.